Deeply Rooted


I’m switching it up tonight. I have a little bit of news, and I wanted to share a project that is close to my heart – one I hope will become close to yours as well.

Deeply Rooted is a beautiful magazine that encourages women all over the world to become truly rooted in their faith, and I’ve loved everything about them from the time they exploded onto the scene over a year ago. Their photography, style, the hope they spread and above all else: their mission just called out to my heart.
The magazine recently published one of my articles on their blog, and I’m so thankful to jump on board this big’ole’ hope ship!
If you’ve been following my journey here on RUSH OF MY HEART, you know that life has been challenging since losing my job to health problems.

I’m not always homebound, but most of my time is spent within my own walls as I fight to get healthy again. The hardest parts for me have been learning to stay thankful, and trying to find my purpose after I felt like I’d lost it. If you find yourself in the same boat or know someone who is, I hope you’ll read on.
You can find my article by clicking the link below, and if you feel like leaving a comment and sharing your experiences/thoughts on the Deeply Rooted website, please do! Thank you for sharing your hearts, and for sharing in the journey.

Deeply Rooted

“5 Ways to be All God Calls You to be as a Homebound Woman” by Randi Gray

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